Tiny Bikinis on Waikiki Beach

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Always a nice view on this beach. Aug. 27, 2011.

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oh ok cool, thats the feeling i got when i went to also, i went to big
island which was neat but no where near as fun as Oahu

BananaJSSI says:

Right on! I love the place. I go there a lot and I was married there as
well 26 years ago. Even my kids were conceived there, lol. I always look
forward to my visits


my girlfriend and i are looking to go back and stay on waikiki beach for
sure, but if we stay for an extra week we were thinking of maybe staying on
another island… have u been to the other islands, and if so would you say
Oahu is the most fun? or recommend other?

BananaJSSI says:

I like O’ahu best because there is always so much to do and see. I live on
a small quiet island and I think I would be bored on the other islands. I
love to walk through Waikiki at night and see all of the action. Lots of
cool stores and places to eat too. The transit system is the best!


i love hawaii and waikiki beach (first time march 2012) stayed at hawaiian
hilton village, swimming in the ocean there is fantastic the water is
refreshing, providing you don’t swallow it, very save place to travel,
clean, friendly locals, and quite a site on a clear night.

BananaJSSI says:

I like to have fun and O’ahu there is a lot of places to have fun! I think
the Big island would be nice, but much more laid back

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